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Our Gratitude to The PeopIe for Their 
Imagination and Portrayal of the Kingdom of Ruritania 

Our eternal gratitude to Anthony Hope for his immortalization of "The Prisoner of Zenda". Without his novel, we would have never dreamed of having our very own "A Tale of Two Cities" set in Ruritania. 

We wish to thank Mr. Ronald Colman, for his interpretation of both the roles of King Rudolf V and Major Rudolph Rassendyll, Ret and thus bringing them to life. It is, far and away, the best adaptation of Anthony Hope's novel. His remarkable likeness to the actual King Rudolf V contributed to the sophisticated and thoughtful portrayal of a character of integrity, which shone through with enormous aplomb. Mr. Colman swash-buckled expertly when called to do so in one of his finest films, "The Prisoner of Zenda" (1937).

It would be remiss of us to fail to thank Madeleine Carroll for creating the perfect Princess Flavia in the well-remembered David O. Selznick-John Cromwell "The Prisoner of Zenda" (1937). It was a role that allowed her to look beautiful and project nobility, which is how many remember her. The success of "Zenda" left no doubt that the already popular actress had reached top stardom.

With Our Gradititude: Bio
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