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Ruritanian Canines

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Ruritanian Spitz

The Ruritanian Spitz is the Kingdom's own breed. First bred in circa 1654, they have been the favorites of the people and the Kings as well. They are a very friendly dog, but an excellent guard dog. They love to play with their master's children but will protect them with their own lives. They enjoy running free and always seem to remember where their home is. They range in weight from about 16 pounds for a female and 24 pounds for a male. Their long fur makes them good pets in hospice care because brushing them is very relaxing.

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Ruritanian Wolfhound

The Ruritanian Wolfhound is another specialized breed indigenous to the Kingdom. A remarkably silent hound that seldom barks, however, they have the remarkable ability to bay short phrases. Originally bred to hunt during winter months for wolves and bears. These hounds can be used for tracking and pulling sleds with high endurance capabilities. Interestingly, they have a fascination with the night sky. Extremely loyal companions for one and all.

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Royal Richenheim Terrier

The Royal Richenheim Terrier is quite small, 7-10lbs. and about 10" high and 12" long with a 6" curled tail.  Their coats are mottled grey, tan, white, and black long silky hair rather than fur.  These terriers are fiercely loyal companions and excellent hunters of small animals such as squirrels, chipmunks, moles, and minks.

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Biedenstein Terrier

The Biedenstein Terrier is a medium to a large terrier.  Size varies from 8"- 12"tall and 15"-20" long and weighing 12-22 lbs.  They have short tan fur sometimes with patches of white or black on the heads, tails, and feet.  Unusually quiet hunters, they will start to bay when their quarry is scented.  Very protective of their owners.

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