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Micronational Gaming League

June 21st, 2019

Attention all people of the MicroSphere!

Ruritania is planning on hosting the first-ever MicroSphere E-Sports tournament! Right now, we are currently in the initial planning phases and are still trying to figure out possible games to play, content to measure, and of course, citizens to play them for their entering micronations.


If you wish to request a game for the tourney, please contact HSH Grand Duchess Lydia Sophia Tatianna Mortitia von Elphberg on facebook or so that we can capture your recommendations.

You are required to be a citizen of a micronation in order to participate, a delegate selected by the ruling party of your nation. Depending upon the type of matches, you may need additional teammates.


Send further questions to the email above.


Thank You and Happy Gaming!



Prince Nicholas Alexander von Elphberg
Tournament Developer
Kingdom of Ruritania


Author Richard Storry Interviewed

March 6, 2019

Please take note:  our dear friend Richard Storry, Baron Scheckengost, who has written a series of novels about Ruritania, will be interviewed on the radio at 4 PM EST on March 14, 2019, about his novels.  It should be a very interesting interview.  

Listen HERE

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Today We Mourn...



Today we mourn the death of a great Micronationalist, Prince Leonard of Hutt River Province. But we celebrate his life! Prince Leonard goes to join his beloved Princess Shirley and is survived by 7 children, the youngest of whom, Prince Graeme has taken on the Crown of the Principality. The Prince is dead, long live Prince!

Ruritania vs The Swiss?

Crown Jewels.jpg

August 13, 2019

Have you ever wondered why Ruritania is so very, VERY anti-Swiss?? If so, you obviously haven't read Rupert of Hentzau by Anthony Hope. It is the sequel to The Prisoner of Zenda and a must read for Ruritanians. Pay particular attention to a character named Braun. Here is the truth as WE see it. 

The Swiss Consortium

Ruritania believes that the Swiss Consortium, besides being somewhat similar and possibly connected to the Illuminati, is a secret and extremely dangerous group of regicides. It is believed that the origins of the infamous and secretive Swiss Consortium go back at least as far as the French Revolution. We further believe that Swiss nationals have been at the center of the fall of several monarchies and involved in the untimely deaths (either by “accident” or assassination ) of every Royal since at least Marie Antoinette. A strong group of Swiss revolutionaries quietly supported the French revolutionaries. It is a fact that during the French Revolution and the Napoleonic era, beginning in 1798, Switzerland grew from the original 13 Cantons to 20 Cantons.

The Swiss national, Jacques Necker, became famous and extremely wealthy first in loans to the French treasury of Louis XVI, later as Finance Minister of France when he not only instituted high-interest loans rather than raising taxes but wrote and published a paper showing the government expenses to the people of France for the first time in history. His paper and his actions, including the calling of the Estates General and the inclusion therein of twice the representation of the Third Estate, caused extreme distrust of the Crown by the French people and led to the French Revolution. He caused the king's acceptance of the suspensive veto, by which he sacrificed his chief prerogative in September, and destroyed all chance of a strong executive by contriving the decree of 7 November, by which the ministry might not be chosen from the assembly. Necker remained in office until 1790, escaping the Revolution he had to a large degree brought about, he retired to his estate, Coppet Castle near Geneva. His greatest enemy at court, Marie Antoinette, was executed in 1793.

The Consortium was first discovered by Fr. Andreas Bickert and investigated by the Ruritanian Secret Police after the bombing of the royal carriage carrying most of the Royal family in 1924. Subsequent investigation led to the discovery of numerous other extremely suspicious circumstances surrounding not only attacks upon Ruritanian royalty, but, in fact, upon members of almost every royal house in Europe. The demise of the House of Stuart is believed to have been instigated by the Consortium. The untimely death of Louis XIV’s son and heir, the death of Princess Charlotte of England and Belgium, the supposed suicide of the Arch Duke Rudolf, the assassination of the Empress Elizabeth of Austria, that of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand, The abdication of King Alphonso XIII, the coup that overthrew the Greek monarchy in 1973, the strange death of Princess Grace of Monaco, and many more can be linked to Swiss nationals. Most recently attacks upon the Dutch royal family and the sudden death of King Wilhelm-Rudolf of Ruritania also all have “persons of interest” connected to the Swiss.

Kingdom of Ruritania Takes Action Against Crime

Experts Panel

February 11, 2023

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