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Foreign Ministry

The Kingdom of Ruritania, as a courtesy, informally recognizes all micronations. However, if a micronation desires to establish formal diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Ruritania, please contact the Office of the Foreign Ministry.   The current Minister of Foreign Affairs is HSH Grand Duchess Lydia Sophia Tatianna Mortitia von Elphberg, she can be reached via email.

Please be aware of our requirements listed below:

  1. The micronation requesting recognition must have been in existence for at least six months.

  2. The micronation requesting recognition must have a website or Facebook page on which its pertinent information is listed. ( i.e. form of government, head of state, email address, general location, territorial claims, if any, etc.)

  3. Ruritania WILL NOT form alliances or treat with any micronation which claims territory in Antarctica, at the bottom of the sea, or off of the planet Earth. The only exceptions will be micronations with which we have signed treaties before September 1st, 2012.

  4. Ruritania WILL NOT form alliances or treat with any micronation claiming ALL of an inhabited territory not specifically owned by that micronation. ( i.e. Greenland, City of St.Louis, State of Texas, etc.)

  5. Any alliances and treaties are subject to approval by the Crown of Ruritania.

If the requesting micronation meets these criteria, the Minister of Foreign Affairs will contact them and send a Treaty of Friendship and Recognition, signed by the reigning Monarch of Ruritania for the approval of that micronation. Upon signing this treaty, the requesting micronation will be declared a friend and ally of the Kingdom of Ruritania and receive the Most Favored Nation status. Ruritania will then add their name to the list of allies on our website with a link to their website and/or Facebook page. Should the requesting micronation reject the treaty for any reason, negotiations will cease. Should an accepted micronation ally embarrass or insult Ruritania or change its form of government, it will come under review and recognition may be rescinded.

If you should desire, we also have a Mutual Recognition Treaty to send by "Snail Mail".

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Most Favored Nations

Republic of Saint-Castin



The Republic of Alanland 
The Republic of Aquitaine 
The Kingdom of Camuria and Althacia 
Republic of Castia 
The Sovereign Barony of Caux 
The Copeman Empire 
The Grand Duchy Flandrensis 
La Societe des Flaneurs Sans Frontieres 
Crown Principality of Landashir 
The Republic Of Patetopja 
Kingdom of Radnoria 
The Reyland Empire 
Federal Republic of St. Charlie 
The Kingdom of Savante 
The Syurdian Empire 
The Dominion of British West Florida 

The Kingdom of Vikesland

Kingdom of Calsahara

The Kingdom of Jirmania

The Empire of Paganos

The Kingdom of Zealandia

The Kingdom of Amandium

The Kingdom of Edan

The Principality of Felix People's Democratic Autocracy of Arborea

The Empire of Hispania

The Duchy of Courland

The Kingdom of Frisia

The Principality of Inesia

The People's Republic of Podjistan

The Principality of Durstonia 

The Principality of Lichtenberg

The Principality of Imvrassia

The Grand Principality of Campinia

The Territory of Ledicarus

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